I've recently started playing RPGs again, at a local tabletop gaming group. It's been a strange experience joining in as a player instead of a Dungeon Master. But it's also been educational to see how our DM, Jack, encourages his players to make really interesting decisions.

A big part of this comes down to rewarding the players in fun ways. At the start of the game, Jack normally asks for the players to recap — remember where the party were travelling, what bounty they were trying to collect, which mysterious wizard they were seeking out. If you wrote any of these details down, Jack gives you an action point, something immediately valuable in the game to that player.

Even when things don't go well, like when my character was slain by a banshee, I got a fun sticker in the shape of a twenty-sided die for my trouble. The players who have been with Jack the longest have a whole series of these stickers decorating their notes, dice boxes and laptops.

It's left me thinking, what other relationships in my life could I improve with just a small generous gesture?

AuthorThomas Riggs